Fit-Like-a-CelebrityKeep in mind that being a celebrity makes it much easier to keep a thin and sleek shape. The number of experts that help female celebrities like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston maintain their fitness levels is extensive, and they include anything from high-end Pilates instructors to top-notch personal chefs and chefs. Despite this, the fact is that you do not have to be well-known in order to work out like a celebrity. A few of the female celebrity routines that you can follow include yoga, the Wii Fit, and even boxing, all of which will have you looking red-carpet-ready in no time.

Jessica Alba the reverse fly

Following the birth of her daughter, Honor Marie, the Fantastic Four actress embarked on a conventional fitness plan that included aerobics and weight lifting. Here’s an example of a “reverse fly” technique from her performance that you may want to try: Step forward with one leg, bend at the waist, and let your arms hang freely in each hand while carrying a 3-pound dumbbell in each hand while doing this exercise. Keeping your arms slightly bent, raise the dumbbells to your sides until they are directly in line with your shoulders. Repeat with the other weights. Alternate legs after every ten repetitions and continue until you have finished three rounds of 20 reps on each leg.

Jennifer Garner engages in aerobics and weight training to maintain her health.

Jennifer Garner has one of the most beautiful bodies in the entertainment world, and she is a model as well. With the help of trainer Valerie Waters, who advised the romantic comedy actress to combine aerobic workouts with strength training for a more effective fitness program, she was able to reach her goal. To achieve a strong cardio exercise, follow this step-by-step routine: While facing a bench or step that is 12 inches or higher in height, raise your right foot and place it on the rung of the bench or step. Step entirely onto your right leg and bring your left knee up to meet your right knee in a stepping motion. Bend your left knee while allowing your right foot to stay on the stair step. To finish, perform 14 more repetitions on one leg, then switch and do 15 more repetitions on the other leg to complete the set.

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Jennifer Aniston Yoga

A mind-body discipline known as yoga, which combines physical postures with breathing exercises and relaxation methods, helps Jennifer Aniston keep her toned shape. It is possible to learn the well-known celebrity practice by attending a yoga class or by following along with one of the many yoga DVDs or books that are now available. In order to begin, you need to take the downward-facing dog yoga posture, which may be found here: Put yourself down on your hands and knees on a non-slip floor, with your knees squarely beneath your hips, and begin by breathing deeply. Then, while taking a deep breath, raise your knees off the floor, landing on the soles of your feet, and repeat the process twice more. Keeping your back as flat as possible, extend your heels toward the floor while rising your rear toward the ceiling. Maintain a solid grip on the floor with your hands and your head squeezed between your upper arms for balance. For 1 to 3 minutes, hold the position, then lower yourself back to your knees to finish the workout.


Participating in a running program with Uma Thurman

With a tough training program that includes lots and lots of running, this Kill Bill actor keeps her long and lean figure. While running is a great way to burn calories and lose weight, it is also beneficial to your health since it, when combined with other cardiovascular workouts, decreases your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Start your running routine by following a training program that gradually increases your running time over a few weeks until you are able to go for long distances without stopping.

Helen Mirren has taken up Wii Fit as a new passion.

This formidable ally in the 65-year-old actress’ effort to maintain her slim figure is Wii Fit, which is a collection of workout applications that can be used on the Nintendo Wii video-game system, which she purchased in 2009. This strength-training workout on Wii Fit may help you to enhance your abdominal muscles as well as your back, legs, and thighs. It can also help you to tone your arms and biceps. The following is the appropriate approach to do this terrific cardiovascular exercise move: Maintain your posture by keeping your feet together and your shoulders back while keeping your belly muscles taut. Lift one foot off the floor and move it forward, stepping down with the heel of the foot on the ground. Repeat with the other foot. Lunge forward and down until your thigh is parallel to the floor while lowering your hips to the ground. Push off with your front leg and return to the starting position as soon as you can with your back leg. Repeat the technique on the other side of the room.

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Gwen Stefani Arm Workout

Mom, who is a rock star in her own right, Gwen Stefani’s arms are beautifully sculpted as a result of her commitment to regular workout. For those wishing to achieve an upper body similar to hers, triceps dips, which target the muscles on the underside of the arms, are an excellent place to begin. Here’s how to go about it: Make a fist and place your hands on the outside corners of a step bench or a chair so that your back rests on the bench or chair. Position yourself in a fetal position with your legs spread out a foot or two and just your heels contacting the ground. As you lean back and shift your weight onto your arms, you will see your body sink and rise in a circular pattern as you lean back. The aim should be to complete two sets of 12 repetitions.

Hilary Swank pull-ups, which she does on a regular basis.

Recognized for her roles in films such as Million Dollar Baby and Boys Do not Cry, this actress is most known for her Oscar-winning performances in the film Million Dollar Baby. For her part as a boxer in Million Dollar Baby, Swank’s daily regimen consisted of two hours of boxing exercise every day in order to maintain her physical fitness. She was able to shape her back and biceps as a result of strength-training activities such as pull-ups, which she performed. As doing a proper pull-up, make sure that your knees are slightly crossed for lower-body stability and that your palms are facing you when you grip the bar. If you are able to get your chin level with the bar, slowly return to your starting position rather than dropping your body to the floor all at once.

Demi Moore Bikram Yoga.

Adding Bikram yoga to Demi Moore’s fitness regimen is a recent addition to her routine. Bikram yoga is a kind of yoga that is conducted in a room with a minimum temperature of 105 degrees. According to its proponents, the postures are effective exercises for increasing physical fitness, while the heat causes you to sweat, which helps to eliminate toxins from your body. Patients with pre-existing medical conditions, such as pregnant women, those with high blood pressure, and those with other health issues should contact their doctors before engaging in a Bikram class; this kind of yoga is not recommended for them. Interested in learning more about where to find a Bikram yoga studio in your area? Visit the Bikram Yoga Studio Locator.

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Christina Hendricks has received certification as a BOSU Balance Trainer (Balance On Swing).

She states that, in addition to treadmill exercises and weight training, the alluring Mad Men actress maintains her fitness level by doing squats on a BOSU Balance Trainer, an inflatable ball that is flat on one side and aids in the development of strength and coordination. Start on your hands and knees on the floor, then place your right knee in the middle of the BOSU to form your own curves by bending your right knee. Extend your left leg in front of you, making careful to keep your foot off the ground at all times. Extend your right arm straight ahead of your body, then bring in your right elbow and left knee into the center of your body with your right elbow and left knee. Ensure that your arms and legs are back in their extended positions. Aim for 8 to 12 repetitions per side on each side of the body, with each side of the body being the target.

Halle Berry (Kickboxing)

Only a few weeks after giving birth to her daughter Nahla, this James Bond girl and X-Men actress got back into shape with an hour-long workout session five days a week on the treadmill. Her strength training regimen includes stomach and leg exercises, as well as routines for the rest of her body. During each session, she not only lifted weights, but also did three cardio segments, which consisted of elliptical exercise, kickboxing, and either stairs or a hill climb. Additionally, kickboxing training, in addition to increasing strength, has been shown to burn up to 450 calories per hour for the average woman in a single training session. This is a simple front-kick move that you may try: Bring your right leg toward your chest while standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart throughout. Kick out with your foot’s ball to finish the action by aiming your knee towards an imagined target. Proceed in a similar manner with the opposing leg.