What is the core?

Your core has an influence on everything you do, including activities that seem to have little or no connection to the health of your abs. Many people believe that having a strong core is more important than having the societally desired “six-pack abs,” however this is not the case at all. What matters is that your core is strong and functional, regardless of whether you are attempting to squat large weights or enhance your balance and agility. It also matters whether you are attempting to run swiftly or over great distances, or anything else. (Seriously.) In order to create a strong core that will allow you to do all of these tasks more efficiently, you will need to engage in abdominal exercises on a regular basis. As a result, Women’s Health has compiled a list of the most effective abdominal workouts that are specifically designed for you.

But first and foremost, you need to understand the structure of your core muscle group so that you can properly execute the exercise. To put it another way, the muscles that run from the middle of your chest to the bottom of your hips are collectively referred to as your core. However, while the rectus abdominis (also known as your six-pack muscles, which run down the front of your stomach) and transverse abdominis (deep abs muscles that wrap around your stomach) are both important abdominal muscles, the rectus abdominis (also known as your six-pack muscles, which run down the front of your stomach) is the one that has received the most attention (otherwise known as your side abs, which help you rotate). Ideally, an abdominal exercise should include motions that activate all of these major muscles at the same time, if not all at the same time, for optimal effects.

Approaching the exercise, focus on drawing your navel within and toward your spine in order to keep your abdominal muscles engaged throughout the whole procedure. When doing a back exercise, be sure to push your lower back into the floor in order to guarantee that your abs, rather than your spine, receive the majority of the stress.

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Tips to get those perfect abs

For a variety of reasons, crunch fatigue is a genuine phenomenon. One of the problems with crunches is that they do not stimulate your abdominal muscles to operate through their whole range of motion. It is possible that even if you are performing a hundred crunches every day, you will be unhappy to realize that you will not be able to achieve the level of core strength you want.

And two, when crunches are performed incorrectly, they are quite stressful on your neck and back. Numerous individuals have a tendency to place their hands behind their nape and pull their neck into flexion without activating their abdominals to elevate. This will put a great deal of strain on your spine and cause you to experience unneeded aches and pains in the long term.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of alternative ab workouts that are both safe and effective—in addition to helping to strengthen your core more effectively than crunches. When you combine them, you may develop a regimen that will assist to strengthen various levels of your core, also known as the group of muscles that support your spine and pelvis, as well as your lower body. The benefits of having a strong core include that you will have better posture, improved balance, and experience less joint discomfort.

Having trouble figuring out how to change up your ab exercise to achieve the greatest results? Never fear, we have gathered the finest core maneuvers you can utilize to construct circuits that will leave you feeling the burn in all of the appropriate spots. Check them out below. Simply choose five exercises from this list and alternate them once a week, and your workouts will grow more fascinating and tough as time goes on.


Top 10 best ab workouts for women

Leg Lifts

Place your feet flat on the ground and your legs straight out in front of you, with your head towards the ceiling. By gluing your lower back to the floor, you may strengthen your core. Lift your legs roughly a foot off the floor while maintaining your position. Move your feet up and down in a pulsing motion. Each “up-down” movement counts as one rep.

Reverse Crunch

Relax on your back and raise your knees to 90 degrees with your feet on the ground. Holding your hands behind your head is an excellent idea. Then, with your chest toward your knees and your knees toward your chest, do a seated bridge. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions once you have reset.

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Sit-Ups With Towel

Sit-ups using a towel are an excellent core-strengthening workout. During this workout, the abdominal muscles may be put to use in order to keep the towel in place. To begin, lie down on your back with the towel tucked under your shoulders and legs.

Lie down with your hands at the lower half of your chest and then curl yourself into a ball to bring your knees closer to your chest. You want to attempt to pull yourself off the ground using just your abdominal muscles if at all possible.

When done correctly, you will have a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, with no drooping or tilting from the head or neck.

During this exercise, avoid making any contact with the ground with anything other than your feet or hands, or you will lose the tension in your abdominal muscles.

Hip Lifts

Lie down on your back and lift your legs until they are perpendicular to your body, as seen. Pull your navel in toward your spine and elevate your hips a few inches off the floor to complete the pose. Restart the action by lowering the hips to the ground and starting again. Keep your hands placed alongside your body and stretch your feet towards your face to complete this movement.

Hollow Body Hold

Lie down on your back with your legs bent. Increase the height of your knees so that they are squarely over your hip bones. Once you have done that, crunch up and lift your shoulders off the floor. Drop your chin to your chest and breathe deeply. Arms should be drawn inwards toward your hips, with your thumbs pointing up toward the sky. Drive your lower back all the way to the ground. From here, extend your legs to the ceiling and pull your arms near your ears to complete the position. Reduce the distance between your legs and the floor until you begin to feel your lower back losing touch with the ground. As soon as you get to that point, elevate your legs just a little to locate your sweet spot. Hold this posture for a minimum of 20 seconds and a maximum of one minute. Make sure to take plenty of deep breaths!

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Scissor Kicks

Put your back into a comfortable position and clench your abs as though you were about to drop your bellybutton to the floor. Increase the height of your legs while maintaining your lower back firmly attached to the ground. Using your right leg, scissor it over your left leg, and then your left leg over the right leg. Once you have finished your repetitions, swap from one position to another continually. As you move, try to maintain your toes pointing in the same direction.

Best Ab Exercises for Women


In this position, you should have your legs straight in front of you. As you move your knees closer to your chest, raise your torso and touch your heels. Then, as your legs straighten back to the floor, drop yourself to the ground. To begin another rep, rise to your feet once again.


Start by lying down and raising your arms straight over your head to form a straight line. Take a deep breath and move your belly button closer to your spine. Take a deep breath in and pull your straight legs up to meet your arms as you exhale. Lower yourself to the ground and repeat.

Flutter Kicks

Begin by lying down on your back and raising your legs until they are straight above your hips. By bracing your abs, you can secure your lower back to the floor. Then, lowering your legs as far as you possibly can while maintaining your lower back attached to the ground, repeat the process. Lift your feet one inch higher after you have discovered a tough height to work at. Begin to kick your legs up and down in tiny bursts at first. As you finish the exercises, take deep breaths in and out through your nose.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Raise your legs until they are absolutely upright while keeping your back on the floor. Crunch your body up toward the ceiling, then drop yourself back to the ground. Lower ab muscles may be activated by flexing your toes closer to your face. Continue until you have completed another rep.


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